Hyperdrive develops innovative technologies to power electric vehicles, homes and businesses. We bring to the market clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels, working with national and international brands to electrify their fleets for vehicle use in city centres, construction sites and transport hubs.

We are the first company to secure the supply of Nissan LEAF lithium-ion battery technology for our own commercial products and hold key intellectual property which puts us at the forefront of technological advances.

Staying Ahead of the Field

An in-line hybrid system is a disruptive low emission vehicle technology offering the opportunity to downsize the internal combustion engine therefore offering significant emissions and weight reduction without impacting vehicle performance.

Hybrid Motor Assist technologies are being adopted by the mainstream automotive industry and are available to buy but these are not set up for manual transmission. Supported by the Niche Vehicle Network, Hyperdrive Innovation is leading a collaboration with Vocis and Cosworth to provide a pilot system for OEM partner Zenos Cars to validate on their existing E10R model in 2017.

Expert design

We pride ourselves on our expert design, combining proven Hyperdrive Battery Management Systems and integration technology with leading battery chemistries to offer market leading levels of performance for highly demanding applications.

Pioneering the development of innovative, disruptive technologies, our product development and systems integration is undertaken in house by an experienced team of electronic, firmware, mechanical and systems engineers.

opening doors to new markets

Supported by the Niche Vehicle Network, Hyperdrive is partnering with Westfield Sportcars to open up new markets for their innovative driverless passenger shuttle. We will deploy our latest Li-ion battery technology on the autonomous vehicle to provide a significant improvement in duty cycle and lifetime cost in comparison with the current lead acid battery solution.

The project will also explore the potential for the integration of Li-ion batteries with graphene supercharger technology to achieve a proof of concept for further range extension/fast charge mechanism for the vehicles to continue in operation and increase utilisation.

Responsive manufacturing

Design for production is core to what we do

Hyperdrive has the capabilities to conduct full battery system development from BMS design and applications engineering through to certification and low volume manufacturing. We work with customers globally to transplant and scale up production to supply local markets and achieve economies of scale.


Keeping the robots moving

We are applying the latest electric automotive technologies to overcome the operational challenges faced by fleets of more dynamic factory and warehouse robots, optimising their performance, availability and running times.

We designed and developed a completely bespoke power supply system incorporating high-energy density battery packs with integrated controls for optimal availability. Now in volume manufacture this system minimises downtime and enables 24/7 operations.