Hyperdrive Innovation is a development partner and supplier to OEMs working on electric vehicle programmes and to installers and service providers of battery energy storage. Our expert design, system integration and in-house manufacturing enables clients to get to market quicker and with proven technology.

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Electric Vehicles

New legislation, innovative market entrants and developments in clean technology are driving a step change in attitudes to vehicle electrification.

The mainstream automotive industry is leading the development of pure electric vehicle and hybrid powertrains. Niche and off-highway vehicle manufacturers are reacting to market opportunities and innovating to improve their existing products. Driverless vehicles are ideally suited to electric power.

We fully support OEMs as we look at modifications to existing vehicles or partner with manufacturers on their next generation of machines.

Battery Energy Storage

Hyperdrive supplies manufacturers and service providers of portable, temporary, UPS and stationary battery systems with integrated, ultra-compact energy storage.

Li-ion technology is ideally suited to deep discharge requirements. It provides high energy density and can be packaged and scaled to suit the application. It offers longer life and low cost of ownership.

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Household battery energy storage provides security of supply and when integrated with onsite renewables offers an attractive payback model.

Grid Scale

At a grid scale, new, renewable installations and increasing demand from consumers for EV charging will challenge network operators. This will make energy storage more attractive for the maintenance of the network continuity.


For industrial businesses battery energy storage means daily peak tariffs can be avoided and systems can generate revenues through aggregation services.


For commercial businesses that require UPS, the advances in Li-ion technology and the low cost of ownership is forcing OEMs to evolve their product portfolio.

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