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Hyperdrive Innovation has been acquired by Turntide Transport

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Consumers around the world are now demanding cleaner energy. As public demand increases for zero-emission vehicles and machinery, and EU Stage 5 regulations come into force, the race for original equipment manufacturers to electrify their product ranges is happening right now.

We provide battery energy storage systems across a diverse range of industries that are suited to multiple applications. With our proven experience and expert technical knowledge, we’re a strong electrification partner to assist with your product development roadmap.

Our high energy range of battery packs include:

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    Leading energy density, our lithium-ion NMC modular battery packs deliver the energy you need within limited packaging space.

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    Our lithium-ion battery packs have been developed for on-vehicle and off-vehicle applications, construction excavators to forklift trucks, scissor lifts to residential energy storage.

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    Catering to a range of unique requirements, our lithium-ion battery packs and can be fitted in series to increase voltage, or in parallel to increase capacity.

Pioneering Battery Technology

The Pack
  • Integrated Charger Control

    Compatible with a range of chargers

  • Access to World-Class Battery Cell Technology

    Proven automotive quality and global high volume supply

  • UN Certified

    Approved for global shipping

  • Versatile

    Scale up capacity without additional controllers

  • High voltage

    Connect modular packs in series for systems up to 630V

  • Environmental Protection


  • CAN Enabled BMS

    Master and slave arrangement
    J1939 compatible option

  • Charger Control

    Algorithm manages rate, temperature and voltage via CAN

  • Buy Built In

    BMS is included in each Hyperdrive Pack

  • Activity Controlled Balancing

    Maximised capacity over pack life

  • State of Charge

    Adaptive capacity reporting

  • Intelligent Battery

    CANbus reporting
    Voltage, Temperature and
    Current Measurements

System Installation
  • Flexible Capacity

    Connect together up to 127 packs in an array

  • Easy Fitting

    Mounting points for secure installation

  • Easy Connection

    Design for efficient installation

  • CANbus Integration

    Master and slave communications
    System level reporting via master pack

  • System Safety Protection

    External contactor controlled from BMS

  • User Manual

    Complete user manual can be provided to support your installation

Prepared for Extreme Environments

Lithium-ion cell chemistry is sensitive to both high and low temperatures, and extreme climates can affect power, efficiency, capacity and charge as well as safety and reliability of the battery pack. In these scenarios it’s important to regulate the pack to remain in the desired temperature range, as well as reducing uneven temperature distributions to enhance performance and life cycle.

For extreme environments Hyperdrive is supporting customers on system design and is developing new products incorporating air cooling and climatic control. We can also run duty cycle simulations at different ambient temperatures and advise customer on the most appropriate solution.


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Steps 1 to 5 illustration
  • 1. Define

    What you want your product to do, its key characteristics and who your target users are.

  • 2. Create

    A prototype designed to your specific requirements.

  • 3. Test

    Your new product and showcase its robustness and savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

  • 4. Manufacture

    Your product with our class leading technology and proven automotive quality inside.

  • 5. Sell

    An innovative product to new and existing customers that has zero emissions and less noise pollution.

The Complete System

To accelerate customer prototypes and trial fleets we offer customers a full systems integration service, inclusive of battery pack, battery charger, electric motor and motor controller. This service includes sourcing of components from proven, trusted UK supply chain partners.

Download Power Distribution Unit Data Sheet