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Business Continuity in Response to COVID-19

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We’ve been partnering with Original Equipment Manufacturers since 2012. We understand that businesses are currently facing challenges from EU Stage 5 engine legislation, specifically through the urgency to electrify and the technical uncertainties of new product development. As a trusted electrification partner, we’re fully committed to navigating you through this rapidly changing landscape and providing the necessary support at every stage.
  • Off-Highway

    From exhaust emissions to noise reduction, the global Off-Highway industry is facing increasing pressure to electrify. Our industry leading lithium-ion battery packs are perfectly suited to a wide range of vehicles and machines.

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  • Material Handling

    To comply with new emission regulations, the Material Handling industry is rapidly introducing more sustainable business practices through the adoption of zero-emission products. Our lithium-ion battery packs are the perfect solution for highly operational applications with minimum downtime.

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  • Stationary Energy Storage

    Residential and Commercial battery storage is revolutionising the global energy landscape. Used in conjunction with solar panels or as a stand-alone installation, our lithium-ion battery packs reduce your carbon footprint and provide protection from fluctuating energy costs.

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  • Portable Energy Storage

    For remote locations, events and emergency response, connecting to the grid isn’t always an option. Our lithium-ion battery packs provide increased cost savings, reduced CO2 and pollution emissions whilst delivering reliable power on the go.

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