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Hyperdrive Innovation has been acquired by Turntide Transport

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From exhaust emissions to noise reduction, the global Off-Highway industry is facing increasing pressure to electrify. Our industry leading lithium-ion battery packs are perfectly suited to a wide range of vehicles and machines.
  • Construction, Agricultural and Mining machinery

    As European Union Stage 5 engine regulations come into force and an ever-growing number of international cities bring in low emission zones, the impact of pollution from the construction industry is in sharp focus.

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  • Airport Ground Service Equipment (GSE)

    Air and noise pollution at airports around the world are of key concern for authorities, businesses and passengers alike. With aviation operations under heavy scrutiny by various airport commissions, there’s now a particular focus on ground support equipment (GSE).

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  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform

    Battery powered material handling equipment such as scissor lifts, cherry pickers, forklift trucks, sigma lifts and work aerial platforms are growing in popularity due to the multiple benefits they provide to the end user.

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