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Hyperdrive signs exclusive agreement with Hitachi Rail

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In response to the growing demand to improve air quality, vehicles such as ground power units (GPUs), push back tractors and tugs, deck loaders and container loaders are transitioning to electric alternatives on a global scale.

With fuel consumption massively reduced, converting to electric equipment permits less maintenance, repairs and equipment downtime without affecting operational effectiveness.

Textron’s hybrid pushback tractor - Textron GSE

The Problem

  • Textron GSE is a world leader in ground support equipment with over 160 years of industry experience. In response to supporting airports and airlines meet commitments to reduce CO2 and harmful emissions from both ground vehicles and aircraft, a hybrid model was needed for Douglas Equipment, their British sister company.

The Challenge

  • Ensuring to operate within airline and airport functional and legislative requirements, we were tasked with downsizing the diesel engine, driving an electric machine as a generator, and designing a bespoke battery pack that provided peak power requirements via a traction motor and reduction gear.

The Solution

  • Fitted with 3 Hyperdrive lithium-ion battery packs providing a total capacity of 172 kWh, CO2 and particulate emissions were significantly reduced. With fuel efficiency improved, the concept push back tractor was successfully displayed at the world’s leading airport exhibition and gained a high level of interest.
  • 48V Pack Arrangement: 3P

  • Voltage: 43.4 – 58.1v

  • Capacity: 172 kWh

  • Peak Current: 600A

  • Peak Power: 34kW