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Hyperdrive Innovation has been acquired by Turntide Transport

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For remote locations, events and emergency response, connecting to the grid isn’t always an option. Our lithium-ion battery packs provide increased cost savings, reduced CO2 and pollution emissions whilst delivering reliable power on the go.
  • Portable power supplies and generator sets

    Delivering electricity on demand for when connecting to the grid isn’t possible, battery powered portable power supplies and generators are rapidly growing in popularity. In 2018, the UK Government along with other nations released their Clean Air Strategy, outlining actions to improve air quality. Coupled with changing public attitude and low emission zones in towns and cities around the world, there is now a demand for portable clean energy.

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  • Emergency backup power

    Providing power to homes and businesses on loss of normal grid supply, emergency response systems can be found throughout the world. Line malfunctions, extreme weather and scheduled blackouts keep demand for these systems high, but as regulations and public attitudes change, battery powered emergency response is growing in popularity.

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