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Hyperdrive signs exclusive agreement with Hitachi Rail

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Powering construction sites, remote events, mining and farming operations, battery powered portable power supplies and generators have multiple benefits over their pollutant emitting diesel counterparts. With no fuel, huge cost savings are made and minimal maintenance required without compromising reliability or performance. Zero emissions without any CO2 pollution, they are quieter with less vibrations, dramatically reducing noise pollution.

UK Smart Power Solutions Provider

The Problem

Responding to consumer demand for cleaner energy, there was a need for a portable hybrid power solution for construction projects, events and utilities that could work together with a generator to reduce running hours and cut fuel consumption.

The Challenge

Tasked with supplying twelve lithium-ion battery packs to be integrated into a rackable system, we worked within a tight timeframe to deliver on time and within budget.

The Solution

The addition of twelve lithium-ion battery packs increased cost savings and further reduced CO2 and pollution emissions, helping to improve air quality. When the generator runs it is made to work as efficiently as possible with any spare energy being stored in the battery packs.

  • Battery inverter generator units of 40kVA output 48V Pack Arrangement: 12P

  • Voltage: 40.6-58.1V

  • Capacity: 42kWh