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Hyperdrive signs exclusive agreement with Hitachi Rail

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To help balance the network by managing peaks and troughs, the National Grid now needs businesses to implement battery storage. With an increasing amount of companies utilising demand side response (DSR) to scale down their energy usage or fully switch to on-site supply, the way we generate and consume energy is shifting.

Commercial battery energy storage in locations such as offices, hospitals, arenas and hotels provides unrivalled benefits. From controlling output to emergency backup power, storing energy and releasing it when it’s needed the most provides flexibility and independence.

The World’s Leading Power Management Company

The Problem

With the need to revolutionise the way businesses consume energy, cutting bills as well as reducing the need to rely on coal-fired power stations, typically used to manage peak energy demand, the world’s largest power management company required a battery energy storage system.

The Challenge

Hyperdrive was tasked with manufacturing a custom specification with a number of key constraints to be met which included robustness to encase in excess of 80kg weight. In addition to facilitating the battery pack design, we applied our patented Battery Management System (BMS) technology and leading systems integration.

The Solution

Globally managing a programme involving teams located over multiple continents, we manufactured the first battery packs, provided extensive testing to ensure functionality of both hardware and software in extremes of operating conditions, as well as attaining the required certification from the UN ahead of global shipping of the units.

  • Voltage: 372V – 504V per string

  • Capacity: 2.8 MWH

  • Peak Current: 132A

  • Peak Power: 3MW