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Hyperdrive signs exclusive agreement with Hitachi Rail

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We caught up with our new CTO, Dr David Sandells, to find out his plans for 2018 and the biggest challenges facing the electrification industry.

What attracted you to Hyperdrive?

It was obvious that Hyperdrive was developing high tech products that harness huge potential for the applications they serve. I was aware of their sound approach and how engaging they are with customers in introducing new technology and products. It’s pretty awesome to see UK engineering leading the way in battery technology too!

Where do you see the company expanding or focusing its efforts in the next few years?

I expect Hyperdrive to grow at a rapid rate. We’re committed more than ever to providing the right product for the right customer as we have a strong focus on delivering solutions as much as the product itself. There’s certainly an equal focus on developing our technology roadmap in harmony with ramping up quality manufacturing processes.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the electrification industry?

Getting the required level of new knowledge about battery technology into industry is the biggest challenge. There’s still a significant role to play in not only educating but also influencing other industries outside of automotive of the benefits of lithium-ion and the sheer potential it unlocks.

Can you describe your leadership style for me?

I find that collaborative working is key both internally across departments, and externally with customers. I think it’s important to work with everyone you can in order to grow your own knowledge base and that of the team. It’s also massively important for the team to help each other in order to push boundaries.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t think you have to do everything yourself. Engage with those people that you can learn from.

How do you overcome failure?

I try not to see setbacks as failure. It’s important to see them as an opportunity to learn more instead.

Who is your engineering hero and why?

I was lucky enough to work with this guy and that’s James Dyson. His approach to get the best products is that you have to concentrate on improving your own knowledge and skills. He’s taught me how vital it is to build and continue to build on knowledge.

What do you think is the greatest invention of all time?

Lego! That’s what inspired me into engineering from a young age. It gave me the ability to build and be creative.

Time travel or space travel?

Definitely time travel because that hasn’t been invented yet. If everything in the universe is infinite,  therefore anything is possible!