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Football stadiums, cricket pitches and golf courses supported to cut emissions as Hyperdrive partners with Dennis Mowers to develop battery powered mowing equipment across the globe.

Major sporting events can now make games and matches more climate friendly… by cutting the grass with electric mowers.

Hyperdrive and Dennis Mowers announce their partnership to electrify mowing equipment across the globe. The partnership will enable lower running costs and emission-free mowers to be deployed at high profile sporting clubs and events across the world. Dennis Mowers recently secured an order for 10 electric mowers to be deployed at an upcoming international sporting event in Qatar 2022.

Hyperdrive is supplying dozens of batteries to Dennis Mowers every month as the company looks to meet growing demand for electrified equipment.

It’s part of the global move to switch from petrol and diesel engines to cut costs and meet emissions targets taking place in multiple industries across the world.

Dennis Mowers is an industry-leading manufacturer of mowing equipment and has been supplying its mowers to high profile international stadia around the world, many top football, cricket, golf and bowling clubs as well as local authorities, schools, colleges and universities. Dennis currently has more than 20,000 mowers operational across the globe and it expects 80% of its production will be electric in five years’ time.


Cheaper, cleaner, quieter equipment


The demand for electrified mowing equipment primarily comes from the significant cost savings that can be achieved by switching away from petrol and diesel. Electric mowers are approximately 20% cheaper to run and require much less maintenance than petrol and diesel equivalents, making them an attractive option for Dennis customers. Substantially lower noise pollution from electric models also enables longer operational hours, improving efficiency for Dennis’ customers. There is also a significant health and safety advantage for those operating the electrified equipment due to lower vibration levels.


Ian Howard, Managing Director at Dennis Mowers said:Partnering with Hyperdrive has allowed us to meet the growing demand for electrified equipment we’ve seen in recent years. Reliability and longevity of equipment are crucial for our business and customers. The high-performance product from Hyperdrive has given us the confidence to develop battery powered equipment we can trust.”


Whilst other battery solutions required swapping batteries throughout the day, Hyperdrive’s high-capacity batteries were set apart by their ability to complete an average day’s mowing on a single charge. This is essential for simplifying the transition away from traditional mowers for Dennis’ customers.


Dean Jennings, Director of Group Sales and Marketing at Hyperdrive said: “Our aim is always to beat the performance of not just other batteries but of the engines that we replace. We’ve really enjoyed working with Dennis Mowers and its rewarding to see that we have been able to provide the company with a timely boost on their electrification journey. This agreement will see our battery packs deployed to some of the biggest sporting clubs in the world. The grass really is greener when it has been cut using zero-emission electrified equipment.”


The deal is the latest in a string of battery supply agreements announced by Hyperdrive as it continues to enable multiple industries to electrify and decarbonise their operations.


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