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Hyperdrive signs exclusive agreement with Hitachi Rail

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Hyperdrive Innovation has completed a concept development working with Ariel Motor Company and supported by the Niche Vehicle Network.

The primary objective of this project was to bring cutting edge fuel efficient hybrid technology to the low volume car manufacturing sector. It involved the design, development, installation and testing of a mild hybrid system composed of an electric motor and battery, along with control electronics, fitted to a low-volume small sports car, the Ariel Atom.

In rolling road and track testing, the system produced an increase of 20Nm and 23hp over the standard performance of the engine, on demand, and recharged the custom ultra-capacitor module using regenerative braking. This utilised Hyperdrive’s own Battery Management System to manage the untracapacitor module for optimum performance.

Stephen Irish, Manager Director at Hyperdrive Innovation, commented: “The Hybrid Atom Stop/Start concept has required the development of an innovative crankshaft to motor hybrid. This is an attractive mild hybrid retrofit option for low volume vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket engine specialists as it avoids the need to modify any of the existing engine transmission and is therefore a much simpler and more cost effective installation.

“In addition to the fuel efficiency and emission reduction benefits in operation, the size of the combustion engine for an aftermarket platform may be reduced with the hybrid system specified to meet peak engine demand, fundamentally decreasing the emissions from the vehicle without decreasing performance.”