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Hyperdrive signs exclusive agreement with Hitachi Rail

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gridtogo™, portable hybrid power solution for construction projects from Off Grid Energy to be fitted with battery technology from Hyperdrive.

 Off Grid Energy, leading provider of efficient grid quality power solutions for people in places where connecting to the National Grid is not possible, will unveil the latest version of gridtogo today. [It will be available to see at Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference in Telford].  gridtogo is a powerful, reliable and portable hybrid power solution for construction projects, events and utilities that can work together with a generator to reduce running hours and cut fuel consumption.  For the first time, it will be fitted with battery technology from Hyperdrive Innovation, the Sunderland-based developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery technology for electric vehicles and stationary battery energy storage applications.

The addition of the technology from Hyperdrive will increase the cost savings and will further reduce CO2 and pollution emissions helping to improve air quality in our towns and cities. When the generator runs it is made to work as efficiently as possible with any spare energy being stored in battery pack supplied by Hyperdrive. When the battery is charged and demand for power is low, the generator can turn off and the energy stored in the battery is used to supply the load. When the battery runs low or the load increases, the generator is automatically told to start up again.

The inclusion of the battery technology from Hyperdrive is another major step for the company which has seen a growing number of applications for its world leading technology.  Its modular battery system has been developed incorporating Nissan’s lithium-ion cells which is used in the Nissan Leaf car. Hyperdrive’s energy systems are already being incorporated into a wide range of electric vehicles from airport and municipal fleets, to autonomous machines and heavy-duty vehicles.

Allan Cairns, CEO of Hyperdrive Innovation, says: “Hyperdrive is helping major global companies to electrify and expand their product ranges whether it is construction equipment or robots as well responding to the growing demand for stationary energy storage. Our expertise and engineering quality means customers can quickly and easily deploy one of our technology into an application without the need for costly development. It has been exciting working with Off Grid Energy and the new version of gridtogo will have a major impact on reducing costs and emissions on constructions sites around the world.”

Danny Jones, Founder & CEO, Off Grid Energy, said: “As our technology becomes more widely recognised, the desire for even greater efficiency grows.  With a drive to improve Air Quality in London and the work being done by the GLA to promote the use of efficient technologies, our association with Hyperdrive comes at an ideal time. Using Hyperdrive’s lithium ion battery products, we can build more powerful and more efficient solutions ideally suited to the rigours of the temporary power sector.”