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Hyperdrive signs exclusive agreement with Hitachi Rail

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Hyperdrive Innovation has begun development of a lithium-ion battery pack for the novel conversion of an Enfield 8000 by automotive journalist and Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith.

This challenging assignment will utilise military cells normally designed for extreme applications, replacing the eight 12v lead acid batteries in the original road going electric car. As the self-titled Car Pervert, Jonny Smith is converting the 70s built Enfield 8000 into Europe’s fastest street legal electric vehicle.

Hyperdrive Innovation has sourced cells from a supplier in South Korea and will build and retrofit the battery pack with a bespoke design battery management system. Stephen Irish, Managing Director of Hyperdrive Innovation, said:

“This is a fun project for the team to get their teeth into and will result in a unique high performance solution. We’ve been inspired by Jonny’s enthusiasm for the project and are humbled that he has identified our in-house developed technologies as playing a key role in turning his vision into a reality. The system will deliver the equivalent of around 1000 horsepower and weighs around 75kg compared to the original car’s 300kg lead acid batteries.”

During the project Jonny Smith has agreed to become an ambassador for Hyperdrive Innovation and on delivering the Enfield 8000 to Hyperdrive’s new engineering facility at the Future Technology Centre in Sunderland, Jonny Smith commented:

“For almost six months I have been awaiting the production of a specific type of lithium-ion battery pack for the car. The type of cells I require are not designed for normal commuting and the challenge we face for a drag car is to allow a massive discharge of power in under15 seconds. I am less interested in battery range, but more short-burst sheer performance and I’m extremely grateful for the expertise Hyperdrive Innovation will provide in this area.”