C-Enduro Goes from Strength to Strength

Initially focussing on C-Enduro, a long endurance autonomous surface vehicle, Planet Ocean will be working alongside the ASV team to provide standard and customised payloads for marine science missions. The... Read more

Work Gets Underway on Jonny Smith’s EV Hot Rod

Hyperdrive Innovation has begun development of a lithium-ion battery pack for the novel conversion of an Enfield 8000 by automotive journalist and Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith. This challenging assignment will utilise military cells normally... Read more

Charging Up For A Cleaner Fleet

View full published article With around a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from transport and around 90% from road transport alone the case for EV is widely... Read more

Hyperdrive Innovation On The Move

The new, larger premises are part of the designated A19 Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Enterprise Zone. This is an exciting opportunity for Hyperdrive Innovation to be part of a high... Read more