Keith Hind

Production Manager

After many years building a great career at manufacturing companies in the automotive sector, Keith Hind knew the time was right for a radical change. So, in March 2015 he left his position as a senior quality engineer with a multinational automotive tier 1 supplier to join Hyperdrive Innovation.
Keith, who has an outstanding cv within the manufacturing sector in the North East having held senior positions at Lear, TRW and IAC, was truly excited at the challenge of joining a company that – while small in terms of those that he had worked for – was highly ambitious, fleet-of-foot and at the leading edge of a sector that was on the cusp of major growth.
Moreover, he knew that unlike the restrictive protocols and procedures put in place in many manufacturing environments, Hyperdrive offered the opportunity to be innovative and to make recommendations that would help shape the company.
“Over the years I had gained invaluable experience and I really enjoyed working for businesses that had developed world class manufacturing. However, I began to yearn for a new challenge, something that would truly test me, take me out of my comfort zone and which focused on future technology in various sectors. That is exactly what has happened.
“When I joined, the focus of the business was purely research and development. My task has been to put in place an on-site manufacturing capability. It was a question of starting with a clean sheet, getting the basics right, especially around quality control and building on that. That is now in place, developing all the time and we have recently produced over 1,000 battery packs for a client making AGV robots.
“No two days are the same and I have found it really interesting developing close relationships with our clients and working with them to resolve challenges and issues. At the same time we have our own in-house design and systems teams and this is the first time in my career that I have worked on a project from concept to production. Appreciating the challenges that the designers face and the role of production to enable a solution is incredibly rewarding.
“The fact that Nissan is an actual supplier to Hyperdrive – they provide us with the battery cells used in the Leaf – is testament to how far the company has moved forward in such a short space of time and also how my career has been transformed.