Tangible elements of our standard technology platform, built on industry leading technologies, can be adapted for different applications. Strong relationships with our local supply chain mean we are highly responsive to production requirements.

Compact Energy Storage

We are the first company to secure the supply of Nissan’s LEAF lithium-ion battery technology for its own commercial products.

We are incorporating the Nissan-developed, UK-made new and used battery modules in its new intelligent battery systems which can be deployed by manufacturers to power electric and hybrid electric vehicles, as well as providing energy storage for off-grid and back-up utility supplies.

Smart Control and Integration

We undertake design, prototyping and pilot manufacturing of both system electronics and mechanical engineering aspects of projects.

This can involve firmware development, complete electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle powertrain design, bespoke battery pack design and Control Area Network (CAN) integration.

Full Systems Integration

Based on a proven track record in electric vehicles we have successfully transferred our battery energy storage platform into scalable battery energy storage applications. Complete technical solutions can encompass sub system development from initial concept through to design and full production.

Low Cost of Ownership

Responsive Manufacturing – rapidly scalable, in house manufacture of energy systems – built on industry leading technologies Hyperdrive’s lithium-ion battery systems are flexible, powerful, scalable, and based on technology proven by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of EVs, Nissan. We have invested in capacity for volume manufacture of standard product – 48V lithium-ion modules – in Sunderland with scalable designs and applications expertise to create optimised systems.

We retain the capabilities to custom design packs where there are very specific duty cycle and packaging requirements. Clients also benefit from the expertise of a world-class British engineering team in terms of their integration into new or existing vehicle powertrains.