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Hyperdrive Innovation Partners with Limach in the Netherlands

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History of Innovation

Research and development is core to our success. We’ve been innovating since our establishment in 2012 and we’re very proud of our patented technology. Our Intellectual Property has enabled us to create an industry leading lithium-ion battery pack that is modular, flexible and scalable, providing our customers with the right energy at the right time.

Our International IP Patents:

  • Battery Pack design
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Assembly methodology

Pioneering Battery Technology

Our industry leading battery systems are powered by lithium-ion nickel manganese cobalt (NMC). As our chemistry of choice, Li-Ion NMC has unrivalled advantages over other battery types:

  • High energy density enabling more power in less space
  • Zero maintenance with no scheduled cycling required to prolong battery life
  • Wide operating temperatures from -25 to +60 degrees Celsius

Our Cells

Stacked with a positive electrode and a negative electrode and laminated together, our cells have a compact yet large capacity. Heat dissipation is good, due to the laminate structure with a large surface area.

Our Modules

Containing 8 cells connected and housed in a metal case, the cells are protected from vibrations and boast automotive quality approved, tested and supplied by Envision AESC.


Each Hyperdrive battery pack comes with a built in Battery Management System (BMS). By providing real time Voltage, Temperature, Current and State of Charge (SOC) measurements it protects the battery pack by monitoring vital functionalities.

Prepared for Extreme Environments

Lithium-ion cell chemistry is sensitive to both high and low temperatures, and extreme climates can affect power, efficiency, capacity and charge as well as safety and reliability of the battery pack. In these scenarios it’s important to regulate the pack to remain in the desired temperature range, as well as reducing uneven temperature distributions to enhance performance and life cycle.

For extreme environments Hyperdrive is supporting customers on system design and is developing new products incorporating air cooling and climatic control. We can also run duty cycle simulations at different ambient temperatures and advise customers on the most appropriate solution.

Please contact Hyperdrive to discuss your specific requirements.

Download our air cooled pack data sheet

  • Increased life of battery

  • Ability to work in extreme climates

  • Higher charge and discharge rates

High Energy Density Battery Pack

The HEDB project was funded through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), a joint Government and automotive industry initiative to accelerate the development of low emission technology in the UK.

The project, which completed in February 2018, saw Hyperdrive Innovation collaborate with Nissan, the University of Newcastle, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Zero Carbon Futures to develop a new manufacturing process at Nissan’s Sunderland plant, which allows the carmaker to produce 40kWh battery cells in the UK for European markets.

For Hyperdrive, this has included the design of a new universal, modular energy storage system and installation of a pilot line for prototyping and pack assembly at Hyperdrive HQ Sunderland with a significant investment made in quality standards and developing the supply chain.