The electric revolution is now

Hyperdrive's advanced modular energy storage technology provides a complete solution; a high performance lithium-ion NMC battery pack with built in Battery Management System (BMS) designed for rapid deployment in both electric vehicle and stationary energy storage systems.

Single pack

Fast and efficient charging

2C Rating (132A max per module)

High voltage

Connect packs in series for systems up to 400V

CAN enabled BMS

Master and slave arrangement

Easy fitting

Mounting fixtures for secure connection

Easy connection

Design for efficient installation

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Hyperdrive is a lithium-ion battery specialist with design, development and manufacturing capabilities all in house

Hyperdrive is the first company to secure the supply of Nissan’s LEAF lithium-ion battery technology for our own commercial products with access to a global supply chain

Proven Automotive Quality

Class-leading Energy Density

Global High Volume Supply

The Hyperdrive modular energy storage system incorporates our proven battery management technology offering a scalable, standard platform ready for customers to deploy easily across a wide range of applications

Three Modular Battery Packs

The Pack

Warranty Protection

Data and event logging, time stamped

UN38.3 Certified

Approved for Global Shipping


Scale Up Capacity Without Additional Controllers

High Voltage

Connect Packs in Series for Systems Up to 400V


Dissipative Balancing, Actively Controlled

Maximise cell life


Integrated temperature sensors

Charger Control

Algorithm manages Rate, Temperature and Voltage via CAN

State of Charge Measurement

Fuel gauge readings

The System Installation and capabilities

High Voltage/High Energy Capacity

14S 2P arrangement max

Easy Connection

Design for efficient installation

CANbus integration

Automatic master and slave communications

System Safety protection

External contactor controlled from BMS

We provide OEMs with a common architecture to power a range of electric vehicles, portable and stationary energy storage applications

Construction Equipment

Driverless Vehicles

Airport Ground Fleets

Municipal Vehicles

Warehouse robots

Portable energy storage

Stationary energy storage

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